Good Little Giants founders Scott Phillips and Shane Maze add a modern, dance-worthy pop twist to their singer/songwriter, folk, and bluegrass roots with their latest offering, ARROWS. From humble beginnings as an acoustic vocal trio, GLG has grown into larger, more energetic audiences and venues and are bringing their music right along with them. ARROWS adds synth, electric guitars, big gang vocals and stadium-sized melodic hooks to their earlier, more subdued and mellow folk projects. The result is a dynamic, matured sound geared toward listeners who want to be entertained with fun music, but also want to plumb the depths of a faithful believer’s walk. Hip tracks like “Tiptoe” leave their hooks stuck in your head while encouraging a bold and unwavering pursuit of truth. “Olly Olly Oxen Free” is an invitation to the lost to come out of hiding without penalty, and leaves the listener wanting more of the layered gospel choir in final choruses. Lead singer and songwriter Scott Phillips even dabbles briefly with hip hop in a tongue-twisting rap encouraging endurance and perseverance in the face of suffering in the crowd-pleasing anthem, “Glory Is Coming.” The band even breathes new life into an old favorite – their celebratory remake proves that “How Great Thou Art” isn’t just for funerals anymore!

Purposefully theological with a prophetic challenge to believers everywhere, even the project’s title makes a statement. “Oh, the mountains I have sculpted before you came to be, are the arrows of creation to point you back to me.” – from “So You Would Know.”

GLG makes it clear in the album’s liner notes that their prayer is for these songs and their lives to serve as arrows continually pointing back to a living, eternal, all-powerful, loving Creator who placed on his beloved Son the punishment for our sin in order that we might be reconciled to Him.